An alternative approach to tourism

New sensations, unusual routes, unexpected facts, riddles and lots more right on your phone
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What is Lokimo?

We have created an app that helps expand your boundaries and look at places you already know from a new angle. No longer interested in taking standard tourist routes? Instead of another tower, you want to see a city’s unusual graffiti or the most hidden of nooks known only to the locals? Then Lokimo is the thing for you!

Who is it for?

You are a trailblazer and constantly find something new? Great! Then add a new route on the map of your city and share your discoveries with other people.

You are an explorer that searches for less travelled paths and unique impressions? Excellent! Use other people’s experience for your own enjoyment and education.

How it Works?

Download Lokimo from Google Play

Choose a suitable quest tour - all of the required information will stay on your device, internet connection will not be needed.

Move out! The quest will begin when you reach the destination described in the tour.

With the help of GPS Lokimo will lead you in the required direction, and you are now exploring the city from a fresh perspective!

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